We are a team committed to making the planet a better place to live both today and in the future.  

We are involved in sustainable agriculture, improving processing Plants and controlling our logistics through innovative technological processes. 

We also foster a team of happy people, in harmony with development and who take care of the environment. 

In our processes we use water treatment plants (for efficient use) and renewable energy, as well as new forest plantations to mitigate the carbon footprint.


We are efficient in the use of this resource by monitoring, treating, and reusing this vital element.


A high percentage of the energy we use comes from renewable sources.

Emissions and carbon footprints

We mitigate our emissions with forest plantations to capture CO2.

Organic Agriculture

We promote the use of natural products and recycled resources for the cultivation of our raw materials that do not pollute the planet.

We care that our producers cultivate their vegetables in harmony with nature.

Our success is supported by the health of the ecosystem, and we are determined to protect biodiversity.


We use recyclable, reusable and/or compostable packaging. We promote creating a circular economy for our supplies and packaging.


Our foods promote a healthy life and good health. Frozen foods reduce food losses and waste that occur in the world.


Agrochemical use and application program

Our team of agronomists designs crop programs and applications with low environmental impact, taking flora and fauna into consideration.

Work with communities and growers.

Vitafoods is in part supplied by associated orchards, from small and medium producers, providing employment, quality of life, wellbeing, and the best working conditions to their communities. We respect and ensure strict compliance with Labor Laws, safe working conditions and restrictions for child labor.